A little about me:

  • I try every day to resemble the happiness of a sunflower.
  • I love tea, let's have a cup on me and chat! (or coffee if you prefer).
  • I'm a big animal person, my pets are a huge part of my life
  • I'm always up for a photo adventure

A quick glimpse at my photography background:

  • 2011: I started as a sports photographer working for a local newspaper
  • 2012: I briefly worked in a portrait studio and found out fast I don't like being trapped in boxes
  • 2014: I interned under Emily Bee Arts Photography and was soon promoted to second photographer in weddings.
  • 2016: Took on being the main photographer in weddings and established my business as an official LLC.
  • I've grown SO much over the years! I've traveled the world and made so many connections.
  • I can't wait to be your photographer!